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Four years ago, I decided to pack up my stuff in Germany and travel as far away as possible and found myself in Australia. I traveled because I had the urge to find my own adventure and to find myself.


In Melbourne, I felt so “in the right place” that I decided to cancel all my flights back, after only 24 hours, and have stayed ever since. Then, I met and fell in love with my partner, Jimmy Goode. He introduced me to his work and life at Kustom Kommune, a DIY Motorcycle workshop. 


Here I found a workshop with the most creative and passionate crew, I have ever met. I love my role here as Venue Manager and am very passionate about creating welcoming spaces for females in the Motorcycling Industry. With all that, yes I can say I have found myself and a place I feel like I belong to.


I’m applying for a Permanent Resident Visa which is $7200AUD. A huge amount that is absolutely overwhelming. My student Visa runs out in August, so I need to make sure I can submit before then. So, I created this special design for a fundraiser to help me cover the cost.


100% of the sale of these prints will go towards my future here in Australia (and production costs of prints).


I’ve set the price to a minimum of $50, but you can help as much as you like.


Thank you for the support, it means the world to me!


Fingers crossed, no bad luck! x


This is pre-order and I am hoping shipments will be out by June 30th, 2019.

These limited edition prints are lovingly screen printed on 3/4 Sleeve AS Colour Tees.


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